Thursday, January 21, 2010

Orion by Metallica

It starts off with a slow bass intro, yes it’s the bass and it keeps getting louder. Then the drums slowly creep in until you realize that they are being played. The two different pieces of music don’t sound like they go together, but they do. Then all of a sudden you get thrown off your ass the crunching sounds of guitar come in. The same chords being played over and over. I think of everyday life knocking you on your ass, the same shit different day mentality. Nothing ever changes. It’s a fucking build up to and explosion of emotion, it’s uncontrollable.

Then the chords change, something’s different. Something has affected you but it doesn’t matter because you go back to the same chords as before. It’s like a struggle, like a hole you can’t get out of, no one is coming to the rescue so don’t fucking expect anything.

The same chords are now being played over by a solo, an amazing solo of fight, of strength, something that you don’t have. It’s giving you energy to do something about your life, change it in some way. But what can you do if you face the same shit over and over again and again. But you keep on fighting, because the sameness goes away and you’re left with is yourself, and not the struggle of life, it’s nothing physical, it’s all in your head, mental.

Slow bass solo, another guitar solo, those long notes remind you how everyday is long, drawn out, and you’re by yourself. Just you inside your head with your thoughts. All those thoughts that drive you fucking crazy. It’s all shit that you need to get over, depression, loneliness, you need to find something that drives you, something that inspires you.

Now! Now you’re fighting, fighting all these idiotic thoughts that you don’t need, that are just there to fuck with you. You don’t need this shit, let all out, change something, just fucking do it.

Then is goes back to the same. As much as you want to change you know you can’t. As much as you try the basic human condition will never let you forget these thoughts, it will never let you let them go because in the end when we’re alone, it’s all we have, and for some reason that helps us grasp onto some sort of reality, and if you’re lucky you have something worth fighting for, because if you don’t, you’re just going to end up doing the same shit every single day. It’s your own personal hell, and since it’s yours you deal with it any way you can.
This is how I feel whenever I listen to Orion by Metallica, off the Master of Puppets album. It is without a doubt, my favorite Metallica song, maybe my favorite song of all time. I go through so many fucked up emotion and the strongest one I feel is struggle, inner struggle. I feel like this every time I listen to this song. Every single time, and I fucking love it.